Top Crazes

Fortnite Battle Royale 


A Fidget Spinner

Fidget Spinners

Fidget spinners are a handheld 'toy' or fidget gadget like the fidget cube or the fidget stick. Children and even adults love these! All of the top youtubers have made videos about these! However they're not really 'in' right now. They were so 2017! 😭 






Minecraft is a video game for Xbox Pc PlayStation iOS and android. It is a building game as the name suggests. It is an unlimited world full of blocks. These blocks can be in shapes of trees villages and even animals. They have very realistic effects like if you set a tree on fire it will start spreading and spread onto other trees! It is suitable for all ages and I have to say it is quite good! It used to be extremely popular from 2015-early 2017! Right now it is still very fun but it isn't really considered to be a popular video game. A lot of youtubers still video on it. The game is full of imagination but it isn't really 'in' right now! 😭 


Beyblade battle (doesn't normally give out sparks)


Beyblades used to be a craze from 2013-2015 however now they are not popular at all but a lot of people still own at least one. Beyblades is a spinning toy that is used to battle another one. You have to use a booster which is the part where your beyblade gets it's power from. You have to pull a plastic strip which would boost the beyblade and it will spin faster than anything you have ever seen before. During the battle of the two beyblades metal will chip and paint will come off. However, the battle is truly amazing. The beyblades that win are normally the more expensive ones as they have stronger metal that will wreck your opponents £3 one! They are really cool but unfortunately not at all popular anymore. 😭

Loom bands

Loom Bands

Loom bands were a craze from 2013-2014 and now not many people have them anymore but some people say they are addictive! Loom bands are like very small rubber bands that can be used to create bracelets necklaces rings phone covers skipping ropes you name it they can create all sorts of things however they are mainly known for bracelets. Loom bands can be different colours and some can even be scented! It is extremely easy to learn how to make them so don't worry about that! They are really fun to play with however now nobody really talks about them but they all know it! 😐

Pokemon Playing Cards

Pokemon Cards

Pokemon Cards are a type of playing card which children can collect trade and play with. When playing with them it is 'best card wins' like top trumps or match attax. They can collect them although there are 9184 cards ever made. They can also trade them in the playground at school. Be aware many schools have banned them as they say that they can 'interfere with their learning.' If you are wondering Pokemon is a video game on Xbox PlayStation Pc iOS and android. They are mainly known for the game Pokemon go! Pokemon Cards are still a minor craze with some schools however many schools say they are 'boring.' 👍👎